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Before it was removed, this newspaper stand was left like this for months from March or something. It became a window in the start of all this craziness every time I walked by.

I am completely addicted to Matcha green tea now. It's really good, and really good for you! Caffeine without the crash.

Sensorio, Paso Robles.

The best.

Boba Fett still figures prominently in our lives.

Kids have been taking to baking. 

Downtown Disney birthday corndogs. Ridiculous.

Gingerbread house decorating got intense.

I brought rollerblading back into my life in a big way. Probably my favorite exercise.

Christmas outfit, laid out and ready.

The empty pole, post-election. Politics down here have been... interesting.


With my matcha, I've been taking a walk first thing every morning, which has been absolutely transformative. Some mornings I've been treated to some fog lately.

Another Star Wars helmet in the making.

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Virginia Trip, September 2020 In September, Covid numbers were down and we made the call to visit family in Virginia. It was amazing after being shut in the house for so long. We were able to very safely visit Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon (Washington), Monticello (Jefferson) and several great local joints for take out. Mega memories.

Fuji X100V for almost everything, except a few with Canon 6D + 24-70II and one with iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Quarantine Reflections It's August now, and it's now the 6th month that we have been living like hermits in quarantine. In hindsight, themes emerge.

Trips to the beach, coffee, lost teeth, backyard playing, crafts (so...many...crafts), endless mess, family hikes, creative food creations, blue waves, scooters, books, games, quarrels, birthdays. Did I mention crafts? Much has been lost this year, but I'm pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful and unique memories that have been gained as well with all of us stuck together so much. This is a gallery of every photo that feels like my quarantine experience since March.

Canon 6D, 24-70II, Fuji X100F, X100V

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Teneja Falls Day Trip My son and I took a drive through Deluz to get to Tenaja Falls in Fallbrook last weekend. The drive there and back proved to be stunning, and the hike itself was wonderful. The falls were underwhelming, but that's to be expected in the middle of July I suppose.

Drive photos - Canon 6D+24-70II, hike photos - Fuji X100V.

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Boba Fett My son has been a big fan of Boba Fett for years. It's never gone away, but I think it may have gotten a boost with the Mandalorian show. It started the usual way, with him grabbing cardboard, paint, tape, and anything else. (A cut in half toy bowling ball in this case.) Paint got in places where it doesn't belong, rooms were destroyed, but at least he wasn't on screens.

With some silver spray paint it did briefly become a Mandalorian helmet, which was used as a make-shift Covid mask to pick up pizza once.

But cardboard and paint were only the beginning. He found this YouTube video and the project escalated dramatically. The video looked easy enough, but it turned out to be very...very difficult. The helmet is made of EVA foam, which is something I've never dealt with before but is a world in itself in the cosplay world (also quite new to me). 

Done, except for the side pieces. Little did I realize, this was basically the halfway point. 

Finished! The rangefinder actually goes up and down too.


This is certainly not the end of Boba Fett photos; he's slated to appear at Halloween (if there is one). But it's been a very memorable part of our quarantine now.

Shot with Fuji X100F, X100V, and Canon 6D+24-70II.

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